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UV LED Pro Light System | PremierLash

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Introducing the UV LED Pro System for eyelash extensions. A revolutionary advancement that not only transforms the way eyelashes are applied but also sets a new standard for speed and modernity in the beauty industry.


Skin Wrinkle analysis, Pigmentation analysis, Acne analysis, Detect Skin Moisture, Gel Manicure curing & Eyelash curing.

Experience the fastest and most contemporary approach to eyelash application with the UV LED Pro Light System.

Harness the power of UV rays and a specialized adhesive that work in tandem to swiftly create a strong bond between natural and false eyelashes or fans. Bid farewell to the tedious waiting periods for glue to adhere, eliminate the need for meticulous humidity and temperature monitoring in the salon, and say goodbye to applying Bonder for accelerated curing. With our UV lamp, the application process becomes effortlessly efficient!

But that's not all – lashes applied using the UV method boast an extended lifespan,  surpassing the durability of traditionally glued-on lashes. What does this mean for you? It translates to more time between refills, an influx of new clients drawn to the superior longevity, and, fewer sensitivities. 

The UV method isn't just an enhancement; it's a game-changer in eyelash extension application.

Those who have experienced its benefits never want to go back to traditional methods. Please note that a special adhesive is required to seamlessly integrate with the UV lamp, ensuring a perfect marriage of technology and technique. Elevate your lash game with the UV LED SpotLight System – where efficiency, longevity, and client satisfaction converge for an unparalleled eyelash extension experience.

  • Lashes are fully cured in 1-3 seconds
  • Fan stay open and don't wick
  • Reduced client sensitivity
  • Extended durability 

To use the Expert lamp effectively:

Aim the lens from approximately 3-7 inches away at the eye where you're applying the glue. Dip the false eyelash in Lashes Clear UV Gel Adhesive, similar to working with regular glue. Attach it to the natural eyelash and press the foot pedal for 1-4 seconds to cure the joint with the UV beam. The light flow is adjustable, and the foot pedal operates quietly, ensuring a comfortable working experience.

Working with the Expert lamp is straightforward and convenient. For optimal results, remember that a brief pedal press won't fully cure the glue, allowing you to manipulate the eyelash. The final fixation occurs with a longer pedal press.

Additionally, be cautious not to drop the glue on a shiny surface or expose it to sunlight; it is recommended to use a matte surface for optimal performance.  Only one or two drops are needed per service.  

UV LED Pro has been tested and is considered safe for use around the eye, additional precautions are suggested included Stylist UV Glasses and UV Black Tape for consumers (by placing tape above and below lashes).

  • 1-3 Seconds curing time
  • Working distance 3-7 inches
  • Preforms in any temperature or humidity
  • Fully Adjustatable Aperature (Light Output) & Intensity
  • Flexible head, Foot operated
  • Works only with UV Light Curing Adhesive
  • Flat & stable base with locking wheels
  • Easy to assemble
  • 14.25lbs


  • Material:  Metal, Aluminium 
  • Weight:  16.75 Lbs
  • Height:  110-180CM
  • UVA 395nm
  • LED rated life: 50,000h (hours)
  • Remote Foot Petal - Wisper Quiet
  • LED Power:  5V-1A
  • AC adpater: Input 100-240V /Output DC5V 1A | Fits USA outlets
  • CE, ISO13485, ISO9001, ROSH, EMC, Mdd, LVD, FCC, PhotoBiologicial Safety PASS
  • 1-year warranty (defect, loss of functionality)


  • UV LED Pro Light
  • Electricial Supply, Power Cord
  • Wisper Quiet Remote Foot Petal
  • 400nm Clear UV Safety Glasses


Our System is safe, it is important that you follow operating & safety instructions.  Avoid looking directly at the light unless wearing UV Glasses.   To further minimize exposure black absorption tape is used around the eye (eye lid & lower eye).  Visit our Help section for MSDS's and full list of testing and certifications.  

Visit our Help section for MSDS's and full list of testing and certifications.  

Signature REQUIRED upon delivery. Sales in US & Canada ONLY.  

1 year manufacturer warranty (defect, loss of functionality).