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About Us



Our Story...

Fourteen years young... We are a company with a passion for superior products and world class customer service!  We believe in the transformative power of inner and outer beauty. 

We hope to elevate the lash experience by engaging and inspiring stylists and consumers everywhere. We are excited to start a dialogue, learn about you and your business, to make something beautiful together. 


Our mission is to empower every lash customer, stylist and salon in the transformative power of inner and outer beauty.

We believe that lash stylists can change the world - one customer at a time.  We believe some of the stylists and salons most poised to do that are leaders in their industry.  Leaders in the beauty industry require the highest quality lash products, access to innovative materials and all at a reasonable price.

So, whether you are a lash customer, stylist or manage a salon, you are making an impact on those directly around you.  People are watching.  We want to learn about you and your business.  Let's make something beautiful together! ~Team PremierLash