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  • Lash Map Stickers | 35prs Lash Map Stickers | 35prs


    Lash Map Stickers | 35 prs

    LASH MAP STICKERS  | 35 PRS Master your lash application!  The PremierLash Lash Map Stickers are used to guide your lash mapping and can be used as a tool for Instructors!  Stickers help illustrate different lash mapping techniques,...

  • Eyebrow Shaping Sticker Ruler Eyebrow Shaping Sticker Ruler Eyebrow Shaping Sticker Ruler


    Eyebrow Shaping Sticker Ruler | 50 Qty

    EYEBROW SHAPING STICKER RULER | 50 QTY PremierLash Eyebrow Shaping Stickers help you create perfectly shaped & symmetrical lashes & brows! Disposable eyebrow shaping sticker is a popular tool for permanent makeup and in lash extension design...

2 of 2 Items