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Eyelash Nano Mister | Skin Care & Adhesive Curing

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The PremierLash Nano Mister quickly and effectively cures all PremierLash Adhesives.  The cloud-like, ultra-fine mist reduces the curing time of adhesives, reducing or preventing many common eye sensitivities. The PremierLash Nano Mister provides a cooling relief to dry eyes.  

PERFECT FOR EYELASH EXTENSIONS - The PremierLash Nano Mister is a small, handheld apparatus. It sprays a controlled micro-mist of water from its nozzle. It is used in the lash extension application process after the extensions have been applied, aiding in efficiently and effectively curing the eyelash extension adhesive.

SUMMER ESSENTIALS - Nano Mister helps skin to recover from dryness, pain, and itchiness after sunburn. Misting enables the skin to get a sustainable moisture replenishment. The effect is long-lasting and will not disturb existing makeup.

EASY TO USE - Just add water to the tank. Slide down the cover, and a stream of micro-sized water vapor will be released immediately. 6ml water tank can be used for more than 10 minutes.

  • Water Capacity: Large 6ml water tank
  • USB Rechargeable: Lithium battery. Drain mister and charge 1 hour (approx. 30 uses), cord included
  • Power: 5V
  • Mist Size: 0.3um
  • Auto Shut Off: 30 seconds
  • Refill: Distilled/filtered water only
More Information:
Mist the lashes as the final step, or as needed during your lash services.  Mister should be approx. 6 inches from the clients face. (The face should feel wet to the touch.) Maintenance: Empty water and drain mister nightly, air dry tank.