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  • Lash Prep Kit | PremierLash PremierLash Lash Primer PremierLash Flocked Applicators


    Lash Prep Kit | PremierLash

    Lash Prep Kit | PremierLash  The PremierLash Lash Prep Kit is everything you need to remove proteins and oils for increased lash retention.  The secret to longer-lasting lashes is to start with a primed surface.  Gentle formula for even...

  • Cleansing Mousse for All Skin Types Cleansing Mousse for All Skin Types


    Eyelash Cleansing Mousse | All Skin Types, 50 ml

    EYELASH CLEANSING MOUSSE | ALL SKIN TYPES, 50ml The ultimate lash extension cleanser and all over makeup remover. PremierLash Eyelash Cleansing Mousse is specifically developed with the same pH as your skin to keep eyelids healthy and clean. Gentle and...

  • Cleansing Mousse With Tea Tree Cleansing Mousse With Tea Tree


    Eyelash Cleansing Mousse | With Tea Tree, 50 ml

    EYELASH CLEANSING MOUSSE | WITH TEA TREE, 50 ML Your lashes will thank you!  PremierLash Tea Tree Cleansing Mousse is a luxurious lightweight mousse cleanser specially formulated for lash extensions. Enriched with Tea Tree extract & other...

  • Flocked Applicators Flocked Applicators


    Lint Free Flocked Applicators | 100 pc.

    FLOCKED APPLICATORS | 100 pc The PremierLash Lint-Free Flocked Applicators are made with lint-free and non-absorbent fibres, making them perfect for eliminating drips, spills, or waste while lashing. Angled tip 1/4 inch The handle is 4 inches...

  • Lash Cleansing Brush Lash Cleansing Brush Lash Cleansing Brush


    Lash Cleansing Brush Ombre Mini Fan | Qty 5

    LASH CLEANSING BRUSH | OMBRE MINI FAN | QTY 5 Use with your favorite lash extension cleanser! The PremierLash Lash Cleansing Brush features custom-designed bristles that gently reach between your lashes so that makeup and residue don't stand a chance. A...

  • Lash Primer | 30ml/1oz


    Eyelash Primer | 30 ml/1 oz

    EYELASH PRIMER | 30 ML/1 OZ The PremierLash Eyelash Primer is a pre-treatment to remove proteins and oils following cleansing.  This step further prepares the surface for a stronger bond and increases retention of lash extensions.  The secret...

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