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  • B Curl Long 15-17mm Lash Curl & Diameter Chart C Curl Long 15-17mm CC Curl Long 15-17mm D Curl Long 15-17mm


    Long & X-tra Long Lash Trays

    LONG & X-TRA LONG LASH TRAYS Create the perfect spikes and bold look with PremierLash Long and X-tra Long Lashes! Trays are organized with the longest lashes on top making pulling lashes easier while reducing waste. Tray Sizes: The PremierLash Long...

    $15.95 - $16.95
  • EZ Fan C-Curl Long (15-17mm) Lash Curl & Diameter Chart EZ Fan CC-Curl Long (15-17mm) EZ Fan D-Curl Long (15-17mm)


    EZ Fan Long Length Lash Trays (15-17mm)

    EZ FAN LONG LENGTH LASH TRAYS 15-17MM Create the perfect fans with the PremierLash EZ Fan Long Lashes!!  Single strands are held together at the base with a temporary adhesive that separates upon removal, while keeping the base together...

2 of 2 Items