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  • B Curl Single Length Trays Lash Curl & Diameter Chart C Curl Single Length Trays CC Curl Single Length Trays D Curl Single Length Trays


    Single Length Lash Tray

    SINGLE LENGTH LASH TRAY | RICH BLACK, VELVETY LASHES From classic to mega-volume, PremierLash is known for our designer lashes!  Single-length lash trays contain 16 rows of rich black, velvety lashes!   Lash Details: Ultra matte finished...

  • EZ Fan Individual C Curl Lash Curl & Diameter Chart EZ Fan Individual CC Curl EZ Fan Individual D Curl


    EZ Fan Single Length Lash Tray

    EZ FAN SINGLE TRAY LENGTH LASH TRAY Create the perfect fans with the PremierLash EZ Fan Lashes!!  Single strands are held together at the base with a temporary adhesive that separates upon removal, while keeping the base together...

2 of 2 Items