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Lash Nebulizer | Medical Grade

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The Medical Grade PremierLash Lash Nebulizer quickly and effectively cures all PremierLash Lash Extension Adhesives.  The cloud-like, ultra-fine mist reduces the time to cure PremierLash adhesives, reducing or preventing many common eye sensitivities. The PremierLash Lash Nebulizers also provide a cooling relief to dry eyes.  

Clients will no longer need to wait 24 hours before they can get their lashes wet. 

  • Water Capacity: 8ml water tank
  • Power: 2 AA Batteries or AC/DC Adaptor included.   2W, CE ROHS
  • Mist Size: 0.6 Micrometers
  • Automatic Shut Off:  Auto Shutdown without Water
  • Refill:  Tap water only
More Information:
Hold the Nebulizer upright 1-3 inches (2-7cm) from clients eyes. Ultra fine mist soothes tired eyes as it instantly cures the adhesive.  DO NOT OVER MIST.  Empty water and drain mister nightly, air dry tank.