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Lash Care Kits | Qty 5

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The PremierLash Care Kit is everything you need to care for and maintain your lash extensions between salon visits!  Packaged cute and ready for resale.    

Start off with our Cleansing Mousse! The thick cleansing mousse stays right where you need it.  The mousse is gentle and non-irritating and perfect for everyday use to remove make-up, proteins, oils, impurities, dust & debris from lashes.  Cleansing mousse can be used on the eye zone and your entire face.  Choose either All Skin Types for normal skin, or Tea Tree for oily skin.   

The cleansing brush features custom-shaped bristles that gently reach between your lashes so makeup and residue don't stand a chance.  A specially designed curve hugs the lash line to remove buildup without catching and tugging on lashes that leads to unwanted lash extension loss. 

Healthy Lash & Brow with Pentapeptides | Lash Growth:  Scientifically formulated with proven Pentapeptides to strengthen and nourish on a cellular level.  The serum maintains moisture, adds luster and protects against breakage. Natural ingredients nourish damaged lashes for strength, density, length and natural curl. 5ml (3 month supply).

Sleep Mask for Long/XL Lashes3D molded design prevents the eye mask from pressing against eyelids and lashes (won't smudge makeup).  Protects lashes during sleep, perfect for side sleepers and blocks light 100%.  

Once you have cleaned your lashes, brush through them with the mascara wand.  The voluminous wand and soft bristles allow you to comb through layer upon layer of lashes. The shape defines and adds fullness.  The tapered head gets right along the lash line and inner corners, while the wider base is perfect for your longest lashes. Teardrop shape gently grips lashes and brows, grooming them to perfection (short, inner corners and lower lashes). 

Bundle includes:

  • Tea Tree Cleanser + Cleansing Brush
  • Grooming pack, tube plus mascara wand
  • Choice of Health Lash & Brow, 3 month supply
  • Choice of Sleep Mask - Ideal for side sleepers, meditation, or travel
  • Packaged Reusable clear vinyl bag or organza bag for smaller kits.

Suggested Retail:  $20+

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