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Gel Lash Pad | 2.2 X 4.4 Inch

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Designed for Classic, Volume, Mega Volume Lashes & Handmade Fans!  The PremierLash Gel Lash Pad is the perfect tool to attach, remove and re-attach lash strips without damaging the paper backing/lash strips. 

The sticky silicone surface helps you create fans easily and quickly by allowing fans to just open up with ease!  Soft silicone surface.  Also works with PremierLash Hand Made Fans, easy to separate your fans/lashes into rows for better organization adding speed to any lash service.  

This palette can also be placed on top of our Lash Extension Palette, to help keep your products like tweezers, glue wells, wands, etc from sliding and hitting the floor during your lashing day!

  • Silicone 2.2 X 4.4 inch
  • Remains sticky after washing
  • Can be washed and re-used 

To Use:  To clean, wash in warm water with a mild fragrance free soap. Sit out to air dry or gently dry with a lint free towel.

More Information:
Dimensions: 4 .4" L x 2.2" W x 1/4" Cleaning:  Can also use a antibacterial soap or  CaviCide ®  disinfectant.

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