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EZ Fan Long 15-17mm Lengths

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EZ Fan lashes allow you to create the perfect fan!  Single strands are held together at the base with a temporary adhesive that separates upon removal, while keeping the base together.  

These are NOT PREMADE FANS. But a tool to increase efficiency and speed for volume and mega volume lashes.

Directions:  For narrow fans grab lash at the base (slightly above the glue strip) and pull forward for easy removal.  Wide fans, shimmy the lashes back and forth before removing them from the strip.   

Each tray contains 16 rows of rich black, velvety lashes! Lash trays  contain 25% more than a standard tray.  Each row is  micro-printed for greater organization. 

Combination tray in length 15 -17mm, trays are organized with the longest lashes on top making pulling lashes easier while reducing waste.

Long trays in lengths 15-17mm
Rows 1 – 4: 17mm
Rows 5 – 10: 16mm
Rows 11 – 16: 15mm

• Long Trays:  Length 15-17mm, each strip is micro-printed
• Rich black color, velvety texture and natural luster
• 16 rows, 25% more than a standard tray
• Premium Sterilized PBT, Double Heat Treated, Quality Assurance Seal