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Eye Wash | 4oz & 1/2oz Bottles

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EYE WASH | 4oz & 1/2oz BOTTLES

The Eye Wash is a gentle buffered, isotonic, sterile eyewash solution. Ideal to flush and remove irritants and foreign material. The soothing formula is cooling to relieve any discomfort, burning, or stinging. The dispenser tip is designed to give you a controlled flow rate.

  • Cleanse and refresh eyes, removes foreign matter, pollutants, and chlorinated water
  • Sterile safety sealed bottles to prevent contamination
  • Made with sterile isotonic buffered saline solution
  • Preservative-free formula to avoid irritation and safe for everyday use
  • Available in 4oz and single-dose 1/2oz bottles
More Information:
Buffered to neutralize chemicals, either wet or dry sterile & Ph balanced

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