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Brown Black Ombre

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Brown Black Ombre Lashes are perfect to add a splash of color, define or accent  eye colors. 

Each tray contains 9 rows of velvety lashes; each row is printed with the curl and length for greater organization.  Lashes are heat treated for unequaled curl retention and uniformity. 

Combination tray in length 9-13mm, trays are organized with the longest lashes on top making pulling lashes easier while reducing waste. 

• Row  1 - 2:  13mm
• Row 3 - 4:  12mm
• Row  5- 6:  11mm
• Row 7 - 8:  10mm
• Row 9:  9mm

• 9 Row Combination Tray:  Length 9-13mm, each strip is micro-printed
• Brown Black Ombre, velvety texture and natural luster
• Premium Sterilized PBT, Double Heat Treated, Quality Assurance Seal

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