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4 Head, Neck & Back Massager | Heat Compress

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Do you feel neck pain after a long day of work?  Our PremierLash Neck & Back Massager was designed to relieve pain and tension in the neck and shoulders area. 
Reap the benefits from this unique combination of heating, acupuncture, and electro-stimulation which can help you reduce stress and tension. Featuring an intelligent 3D suspension design with 4 point head (2 pure copper & 2 gold plated massage heads).  With 10 levels of intensity and low-voltage pulse technology, it penetrates deep to ease the tension around your spine.
Rechargeable and cordless. Comes with a Micro USB cord for charging and a 450mAh battery. Once fully charged provides up to 4 hours or 16 massage sessions (15 minutes per session).
If you're stressed or just need to unwind, our heat and pulsing neck massager will help you relax. Take it with you anywhere you go or use it while resting in the comfort of your home!
  • Promotes blood circulation, relieves body tension, muscle fatigue
  • Eliminates headaches, neck & shoulder pain in 15 minutes per day 
  • Small, lightweight, and portable
  • Preprogrammed for a 15-minute massage
More Information:
2 pure copper electrodes & 2 electroplated gold massage heads.   Provides a 15 minute pre-programmed message with variable intensity.   Charge fully in 4 hours for 6 days of battery life.  CE & FCC Certified.

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